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Originally designed for the heavy industry, the Ceramic Pro products are revolutionising the car care industry, and have now been brought to the home.

While others offer waxes or sealants to protect car surfaces that eventually will wear off, Ceramic Pro offers a permanent protection for porous materials including granite, marble, slate, glass, wood, cloth and leather and is applicable to all surfaces.

Tired of battling kitchen stains, scale build up and other dirt and grime on your have peace of mind when having your countertops, stainless appliances, furniture Harnessing the power of nature’s self cleaning characteristics.

Ceramic Pro keep your surfaces cleaner for longer! Pro 9H is 100% green, safe, and permanent Nano-Ceramic coating that Stick Effect.

Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal P Pro’s self cleaning properties create a non-stick surface that allows water to effs Pro 9H forms a permanent bond to surfaces, which means this product will not only be removed by abrasion, making it a highly durable protective coating for countertops, shower glass, sinks, and indoor/outdoor furniture! Cleaning is done in a snap using only water and mild detergent.

The Complete Kitchen Package offers the finest permanent protection available on specific surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. The surfaces are cleaned and prepared prior to our surface protection application. Once prepared, surfaces are coated with Ceramic Pro Glass Protection.

BATHROOM PROTECTION: Soap scum, water spots, and dirty grout can be your nemesis when cleaning your bathroom. Ceramic Pro has the solution to protecting these surfaces with our Ceramic Pro Bathroom Protection Package. We will protect your shower glass doors, sinks, vanities, toilets, hot tubs, grout. and fixtures making them easy to clean and protected from deterioration.

COUNTER TOP: Protect your beautiful countertop surfaces from grimy fingerprints, oil, food, water, and wine stains without heavy abrasive cleaners.

Stainless steel package Protect your stainless steel surfaces from grimy fingerprints. scale build-up, oil and water stains without the hassle of special.

Helps prevent all leather and fabric surfaces from stains and make cleaning easier. Ceramic textile/leather coatings will protect leathers and fabrics keeping them safe from the elements.

Please contact us today for a free consultation, you won’t be disappointed because Ceramic Pro Wicklow makes you feel like your driving a new car every day.


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